Open Source Project Plans

Open Source Project Plans

Summary of the meeting about open source project plans with the Wareneutron Developers and Web3 Philippines community.

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Hey ka-batak! 🔥

First of all, thank you to those who joined us for the third community meeting specifically to talk about our ongoing project called Web3 Philippines Directory. We've decided to have a meeting like this, therefore, we can clarify the goal of the project. 🔥

In the meeting, we discussed the project, its purpose, and also why we need to work on this. I defined it all and explain why it is beneficial to contribute to and deliver this project.

You can read more info about the project via the discussion board of the repo. 👌

You can join the real-time discussion on our official Discord community.

Kristian Quirapas is very helpful in the project as he leads the meeting to finish the design docs before we move forward to the fun part (coding time). 😎

Also, while doing the meeting we ask the community about their opinions and suggestions for the project. Yes, we are listening to the community as we proceed, we love to involve the community while building the digital directory. ✨

For the roadmap or milestone of the project, you can find it in the official repo. Let us know if you want to contribute to our awesome upcoming opensource project. We believe it can help you as an individual to search for any local awesome web3 companies, communities, and projects if you are into Web3 exploration. 🔥

By the way, for those who are willing to join our initiatives kindly reach out to us via Discord. Anyone who is willing to volunteer or contribute will receive special NFT from us and of course, it has some perks and benefits too. 👊

Until next time, ka-batak! LPG 🔥